Jun. 7, 2019



 Yamaha brings into its models, the P-45, considered its new digital piano. It's a new entry-level that finally replaces the P-35, the previous model that Yamaha offered to all its users. It's been taking as one of the new high-quality product that the huge catalog of the Japanese manufacturer can offer. It was announced at 2015, in NAMM and also in this yamaha p45 review, it features add the 88-key weighted action that now is available with a price into the $499, representing a model very affordable in the market. Also, one of the good options of the P-45 is that shares core-functions with the previous model, Yamaha P-35, and just adding features as USB connector, so the users can use the piano as a MIDI controller, also it has double polyphony, making the piano to return more expression and getting a better and rich piano sound.


Unboxing The Yamaha P45

 Yamaha P-45 digital piano comes with: 


  • P-45 digital piano. Black finished, it’s the only color available.

  • PA-150B AC adaptor

  • FC-5 footswitch-style sustain pedal

  • Music rest

  • User manual



 The classic AWM engine from Yamaha makes everyone feel very satisfied under their fingers. The P-45 model sounds with a very high quality as everyone was expecting. A pleasing and beautiful tone made by the new 64-note polyphony, that it doesn't just guarantee the big, expressive and deeper piano experience of being able to use a double amount of notes while using the sustain pedal, but also the experience of the use the "Dual" layer mode.